Pianina, Fortepiany

Blüthner Technika - Mechanizm

The action

The action, which comprises the keyboard, the lever system and the dampers is the link between the pianist and the instrument.
The key board rests on the key bottom which is made of fir with red beech inlays to assure high stabilityThe keys are covered with Acryl, the sharps are made of ebony wood. The key bushings are either fitted with calf leather of high grade cashmir felt.

The action is made by Renner according to measurements provided by BlĂĽthner.
The parts are carefully fitted together and regulated at 10 different points to achieve a smooth and responsive touch of the action. This process is repeated 3 times after a heavy work out in between to achieve a lasting functioning of the different parts.

The voicing of the hammers is done in several steps.This is the work for experienced craftsmen who know how to create a well balanced dynamic range between pianissimo and a thundering fortissimo.
The size of the hammers and the density of the used felt is adapted to the necessities of the instruments. To increase the elasticity the larger bass hammers have an reinforcement with under felt.
The pressure and the tensile forces with in the felt cover of the hammers is precisely prescribed and is the basis of a lasting result of the voicing.

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