Pianina, Fortepiany

Drewniana konstrukcja nośna

Back making

Picture 1:
The inner rim consists of many layers of veneer of red beech, which are glued together in heavy presses. The pressure is produced by hand driven screws, which allow an individual handling thus sparing the timber from over compression.
The thus formed parts are cut apart and fitted with finger joints to be put together later on.

Picture 2:
After 24 hours when the glue has set, the parts are removed from the presses.

Picture 3:
The complicated parts of the back are assembled. The joints have to be firm to withstand the strain the string tension later exerted on the construction. The back posts are made of solid pine with a core of red beech imbedded in the middle. This is a unique feature in Bl�thner instruments.

Picture 4:
The inner rim has found its definite form and the rest rail for the soundboard has been adjusted. Experienced craftsmen are at hand to do the job.

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